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Chic Mademoiselle Vanity Tray

Good evening everyone,

As you all know I have an obsession with vanity trays and I can’t stop buying them, so I am sharing some vanity trays of my own that I recently purchased. I believe vanity trays bring a lavish touch to your bedroom, living room and bathroom. You can decorate your tray with vanity accessories such as flowers, candles, perfume, jewelry, or books depending on where you put them. There are no rules, but only to be creative and adventurous with your design!

As you can see in my first photo I placed my mirrored vanity tray on my nightstand. It’s a convenient spot for my makeup, perfume and jewelry.  In my opinion, a mirrored vanity tray gives an elegant appearance to your room.  I purchased this mirrored vanity tray from West Elm.


My second elegant mirrored tray with antique gold border design is not only a joy to look at, but also a wonderful addition to my coffee table. I decorated it with silver candle holders which I purchased from Iran, Elements of Style book from Barnes and Nobles, flower and a diptyque rose candle from Neiman Marcus.



The third vanity tray is my husbands. My husband saw that I have a vanity tray on my nightstand with all my jewelry and accessories and he got jealous in a cute way and asked for one to put his items in lol! Since he doesn’t have many items, I bought him this small vanity tray from Pottery Barn with a gold border and a beautiful quote that says “be yourself everyone else is taken”. It is a perfect size tray for his watch and ring.



Remember ladies every item in your house expresses who you are, be adventurous and creative with your vanity trays!


  • Boshi

    I love this.. so beautiful and elegant XOXO .. great job

    • Sarv

      Thanks love XOXO

  • Zoha

    Salam Sarvenaz joon,
    Great job on the blog. You have a very delicate taste. So, a couple of questions on the vanity trays: how often do you clean them? Do they need to be wiped every once in awhile to remove dust? If so, what kind of cleaning products do you usually use? Last but not least: are those flowers REAL??? They look gorgeous…

    • Sarv

      Salam Zoha jon,
      Thank you very much. I am glad you enjoy reading my blog. Yes, once in a while I wet a soft cotton towel and gently wipe to take out the dust. The flower on the vanity tray is faux floral from Neimans and the designer is Diane James. People have been up close and thought the flowers were real too lol! Enjoy reading!

  • Nicole

    I need a vanity tray. Love yours

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